Andy Williams

Just a guy playing with code and trains

About Me


My name is Andrew Williams, and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am a software engineer, open source contributor and entrepreneur.

Since graduating from Computer Science at Edinburgh University in 2003 I have been a software consultant for Java and iPhone projects. A company founder, technical director and software engineer. I was part of the founding team at Sonatype, the technical director of G10IPcctv, managing director at Heads Up Development and also Technical Director and then Chief Operating Officer for Kotikan before we sold the company to FanDuel where I worked as their lead architect. These days I am CTO at Administrate where we are helping the world learn better.

On top of computers I enjoy music, especially singing. I am a currently singing with whichever chorus invites me to sing in their concerts but recently I have sung with the Edinburgh Festival Chorus and the RSNO Chorus.

If working on software and business did not keep me busy enough I also work with many open source projects including the Enlightenment window manager and an IDE to support it's development.

I hope this blog is interesting, please get in touch if there's something you would be interested in me writing about.